Mooresville Pre-Owned Vehicles

We have been providing unparalled service and vehicle repair to customers in the Lake Norman area for years and now sell preowned vehicles too! We believe you can drive a quality, reliable vehicle at any budget and want to help you find the next used car of your dreams.

At Treadz, our philosophy is the customer is always number ONE. No matter what you drive, you and your family’s safety is important to us. In fact, our company is based on providing customers with the ”WOW experience”. We want you to enjoy your experience so much that you’ll tell your friends and family about us and return yourself whenever you need your vehicle serviced. It’s that commitment and service to our customers that makes us stand out from the rest.

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Car buying doesn’t stop at the showroom. We are committed to ensuring you a safe reliable vehicle for years to come. By providing a fully equipped service and repair shop you can rest assure that the maintenance or repairs of your used vehicle can be performed with ease and convince, bringing the same great experience from our showroom right into our service department. Special regular maintenance discounts available on all vehicles purchased from us. Make sure to get your vehicles regularly serviced to ensure the health of your car!


We are committed to ensuring you a safe reliable vehicle for years to come. Unfortunately repairs do come up and usually unexpectedly.  We offer access to the best warranty companies in the market and can help find a program that works within your budget with low deductible for less out of pocket expense.  These companies service nationwide and are accepted at many repair facilities so no need to worry about being on a trip or vacation.  We are dedicated to helping keep your vehicle in the best condition as possibly.

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